Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I think I'm going to stick with paper.

So, the disadvantages to an electronic journal would be:
1) that I can't really take my laptop camping with me--at least not on the kind of camping that I enjoy, nor can I just take it out into nature anytime I want without worrying about the battery or about the laptop getting dirty.
2) If I am ever in a position where I am without electricity for an extended period of time a laptop is useless.
3) If my computer is not on at the moment I want to write in my journal my laziness factor could keep me from making an entry.
4) If my hard drive dies, explodes, etc. then I have to worry about having back ups, but there are some advantages to that as well, a paper journal can certainly burn in a fire.
5) There is something organic and particularly pleasing about writing with ink. I like the way that it bleeds onto the page. There is something artistic involved here. Certainly not high art, nor commercial art, as my handwriting is not something you would want the Declaration of Independence written in, but it has its own folksy stamp to it. Again though, the point is that I am doing it for myself, and possibly some really bored progeny; therefore, it falls into the doodling on scratch-paper category of art.
Yeah, I think that I am going to stick with paper.


  1. I hope there's a way for your really bored progeny to read this blog, so they can see you talking about them and get really excited, only to realize that the fact that you mention them and they found the reference means that they are really bored, which will make them sad, and they will cry.

    So maybe it's better if they don't find this.

    Except that the whole thing is moot because Grace's descendants will be elves or thieves, hunters will be a race of hockey players, and Dexter's will be busy in their laboratories. So never mind.

  2. Well, I hope that they find this blog so that they can at least read your comments. Their boredom will cease and they will move on--move on to stealing pointy ears, to high-sticking, and to chemical explosions. Happy thoughts indeed.